Best for Marks, Scars & Sunburn | Gives Soothing and Smooth Skin

Best for Marks, Scars & Sunburn | Gives Soothing and Smooth Skin

Rose Hydrating Gel


The truth is that roses are the epitome of beauty and pleasure. People have been admiring roses because of their physical beauty as well as their fragrance. Roses have a wide range of benefit for human beings. They are used in different medicines and particularly skin related products. For instance, rose water is famous for the health of skin in all way. It is because rose has a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and its oil are splendid for dealing with the dry skin and provides soothing skin. How to avoid Sunburn (UV rays)?

Roses also offer astringent properties, making it an excellent combatant of acne, redness, and inflammation. Rosehip seed oil is enriched in anti-aging properties and Vitamins A, C, D, and E minimize aging, wrinkles and fine lines. It possesses similar properties to rose oil, but also balances the pH of skin with its antibacterial properties.

How to Make Soothing Skin Gel at Home?


Rose Hydrating Gel at home, you need 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel, blend it with 1/3 cup petals. Put these both ingredients in the blender and blend until it forms a pinkish gel. Then sieve the gel from strainer and separate the pieces of petals. Keep the gel in refrigerator for better results.
Apply this gel on your face, let it dry and wash with water. Its regular use will provide soothing skin, relief from sunburn, rashes, hydrates dry skin, razor burn, minor cuts and scars, and soothing skin etc. Home remedy for Acne, Pimples & Black Heads

Kishmish Rose Hydrating Gel:


Our Rose Hydrating Gel has been developed after extensive research to help you achieve a clear complexion. The product has been formulated with neem, lavender, marula, frankincense, aloe vera, tea tree and other herbal extracts that helps to clear acne and prevent further breakouts. It is a 100% organic product, acquired from the natural resources. Rose Hydrating Gel is mostly used to fight against acne and pimples. It soothes sunburn signs, provides moisturizing effect and relief from sunburn, razor burns or bumps. Order Now!

Also, it keeps fighting against aging, due to its enriched anti-aging properties. It is a gel that gently treats your hair and provide soothing skin with proper hydrating and nourishing them. Rose Hydrating Gel is also known for its healing powers and is widely used as a remedy for cuts, burns, and abrasions. This wholesome wonder plant has a plethora of benefits and is a common Indian household item for this reason. Here are 15 ways you can enjoy the natural benefits of Rose Hydrating Gel for beautiful skin and hair. How to get soft and Pink lips naturally?

Essential Benefits:


Gives Soothing and Smooth Skin
Good for Dry Skin
Nourishes Skin
Treats Sunburns
Exfoliates Skin
Lightens Scars
Fades Marks & Scars
Balances Skin Oil
Calms Skin Bothering
Repairs and Rejuvenates Skin
Treats Acne
Heals Burn
Provides Glowing Skin



Apply a thin layer of Rose Hydrating Gel over your face and allow it to dry for at least one hour. And then wash it with water.

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