Acne Cleanser and Acne Fighter

Acne Cleanser and Acne Fighter


Acne is an inflammation or a bump that appears on the skin. It usually appears on face but it can form anywhere. There are multiple forms of acne on our faces in any season or time. Some types of acne are genetic while others are developed. Acne bumps can be white, red, black, swollen, achy or rash-like in appearance. There have been different acne related issues like acne scars, oily skin, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads which can be cured by acne cleanser.

Symptoms & Type of Acne:

Mostly, acne appears on the face. However, it can also appear on the back, neck shoulders, and chest. Some common symptoms of acne are:

  1. Blackheads are the most common acne scratches. They typically occur on the surface of the skin. And whiteheads are enclosed in the surface of skin.
  2. Nodules are solid lumps that occur under the skin and cause pain sometimes.
  3. Papules are small red bumps that appear in result of skin inflammation or infection.
  4. Cysts are large pus-filled lumps that develop beneath the skin. They are softer than nodules but painful.
  5. Pustules are small red pimples, filled with pus, particularly on the tip.

Often, acne leads to scarring of skin, crusting of skin bumps, and redness around the skin eruptions. Read more

Acne Fighter:

Since the acne has been one of the vital issues of face skin which is to be cured anyway. There have been many products which cure acne problems. Some essential products are oils, acne gels, acne creams, acne masks etc. These acne fighter products have antiseptic properties to fight such bacteria which are responsible for acne. They also reduce marks, spots and scaring.

Acne Cleanser:

Acne Cleanser is usually made up of benzoyl peroxide and is clinically proven to quickly remove the dirt and stubborn acne issues rapidly. These cleansers remove dirt, oil, grime impurities and bacteria from the skin and reduce inflammation, redness, and other pertinent acne issues. Furthermore, these acne cleanser provide a kind of confidence to the people who are suffering from bad acne conditions.

How to Make Acne Fighter or Acne Cleanser Home?

There have been many ways to make Acne Fighter or Cleanser at home, yet few of them have been mentioned below:

 1. Cucumber Face Mask:

  • Mash 1 whole cucumber.
  • Strain the water.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of sugar, and mix it well.
  • Apply to your face and leave it on for 10 minutes.
  • Then wash with cold water.

2. Turmeric Facial Mask:

  • Mix half cup of chickpea flour and 2 teaspoons turmeric powder.
  • Sandalwood powder
  • Ghee or Almond oil,
  • Combine them with enough water to make a paste.
  • Apply and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rub with pressure with both palms and fingers to remove all the paste.
  • Rinse well with water.

Kishmish Acne Fighter Cleanser:

Kishmish Acne Fighter Cleanser contains 100% natural ingredients. It is one of the best acne fighters and acne cleansers together. Our acne cleanser treats all type of acne issues, appearing on all types of skin. It is helpful in acne and pimple cleansing. Kishmish Acne Fighter Cleanser includes skin friendly foods which are helpful in reducing any kind of acne scar, oily skin and alike other acne issues. Its natural or organic ingredients differentiate it from other anti-acne fighter or cleanser. Moreover, it gives a fine treatment to the open pores and reduces inflammation and redness on skin. Kishmish acne fighter treats dry itching skin and rashes as well as cures ringworm by removing dirt particles from the skin. Click here to buy Kishmish Acne Fighter Cleanser.

Essential Benefits of Kishmish Acne Fighter Cleanser:

  • Soothes Irritation
  • Stimulates Collagen
  • Anti-Acne & Pimples
  • Open Pores Treatment
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Treats Dry Itches Skin & Rashes
  • Cures Ringworm
  • Lessens Wrinkles
  • Treats Oily Skin


Apply the cleanser a little bit to your fingertips first.

Gently apply it on your face and rinse it with fresh tap water.

Avoid scrubbing because it may damage and dry out your skin.

Do not use towels, sponge and washcloth for drying the face as it may cause irritation and roughness on the skin.

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