Best for Glowing Skin, Fairness, Pigmentation, Soft Skin and Dark Spots

Best for Glowing Skin, Fairness, Pigmentation, Soft Skin and Dark Spots


Kishmish believes that having a good skin complexion is not enough whereas there is a certain level of glow for every face. Everyone needs a glowing skin, but with weather changes, hormonal fluctuations and fatigue, it has become impossible to maintain skin glow. Here skin experts show their best possible product i.e., serums, which are lighter in weight but effective.

The best thing that serums do with skin is, they keep the skin hydrated and provide an extra boost of nutrients to the skin without feeling heavy, sticky or oily. They usually contain a high dosage of vitamins and active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin at a cellular level, yet their lightweight texture means moisturization which sit comfortably on top.

How to Make at Home?

Home made

To make glowing serums home, you need to take 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel, 2 tbsp of rose water and 2 capsules of vitamin E. Then take a bowl and add aloe vera gel and rose water to it. After sometime add 2 capsules of vitamin E to the bowl. Mix all the ingredients well. Your face serum is ready.
Take a dropper bottle or a regular container to store your face serum. Apply this face serum on your face for glowing skin every night before sleeping. 

Gloss Glowing Serum for Glowing Skin:

glowing serum

Gloss Glowing Serum is made by Kishmish Organics which diminishes the darkening factors of skin. Moreover, the product provides a radiant look when applied regularly. Its texture is light and non-greasy. This is why people of all skin types can use it. Our glowing skin serum does not make oily skin sticky, rather keeps the skin oil in balanced form to provide perfect glow. It gives even tone skin with its powerful ingredients like HA that diminishes the formation of skin darkening pigments.

Our glowing serum hydrates and nourishes the skin from deep inside out. This lightweight serum infuses in the skin with beneficial nutrients. It is a powerful formula which ultimately achieve a balanced and radiant complexion with regular use.

If you need a perfect glowing skin then you shall find Gloss Glowing Serum by Kishmish, your best friend.

Essential Benefits:

before and after

• Lightens Dark Spots
• Increases Luminosity
• Gives Lasting Fairness
• Good for Pigmentation
. Softens and refines skin while restoring radiance
. An ultra-lightweight formula
. Purifies skin and enhances natural glow.
. Energizes skin and improves circulation.
. Provides soothing hydration
. Suitable for all skin types.

Take 2 to 3 drops.
Apply it all over your skin. Pat or rub gently. We will recommend to apply this serum at night.

Note: Protect Skin from Direct Sun Light.

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