Kishmish Rose Water

Kishmish Rose Water


Rose and its extracts have been used since the ancient times. Kings and queens also used to have roses and its water in their toilets and bath tubs for their special skin care. People have been using these natural product for thousands of years. It is said that its first origin is Iran. Today, it has been one of the essential ingredients of many cosmetic products particularly used for skin and hair.

How to make at home?

There have been ways of making rose water at home. Simmering Method of extracting it from the roses is very easy way. In this method, you only need a bowl and rose petals. Grab the rose petals, clean dirt from them, and put them in a bowl. Then add some water in the bowl and boil it on the low flame. After this, boil around 15 to 30 minutes on the low flame and then remove it. Remove the lid of the bowl and get the mixture of rose petals and sieve the liquid. You may pour it in any spray bottle or container in accordance to your own convenience.

Usage of Kishmish Rose water

Rose water is very effective and reliable product for centuries. Experts have used roses and its different products for different purposes. In past and even today clinical experts use rose water in medicines. It has been used in many traditional medicines to help in digestion and minimize any digestive issue. It improves secretion of bile which is quite helpful for digestion. Traditionally, it has been used in beauty products, foods products, drinking products, medicines, and other alike materials for human benefits. Buy this right now.

Kishmish Rose Water

Kishmish Organic Skincare is Pakistan’s No. 1 brand. It is beautifying people from its different cosmetics products. It is one of the vital products of Kishmish brand is Rose Water. It is 100% natural and avoids any chemical, artificial preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Kishmish extracts its rose water from the purest and the best roses. This choice of roses makes it extraordinary effective for your skin, hair and overall health. to know more about Kishmish Organic Skin Care.

Kishmish Rose Water naturally treats your skin and reduces puffiness, acne, wide pores and scars.

It organically adds moisture and shine to the skin and hair. Its natural formula will sooth your skin, smooth your hair and enhance the glow. Its aroma will bring a smile on your face and calms your mood. It removes headache, particularly.

Essential Benefits of Kishmish Rose Water:

  • Refreshes your Skin
  • Soothes Skin Condition
  • Maintains pH Balance of your Skin
  • Hydrates your Skin
  • Reduces Puffiness
  • Suits Sensitive Skin
  • Slows Aging
  • To add shine to your Hairs
  • Tames Frizzy Hairs
  • Removes Split ends of Hairs
  • Suitable for all types of Skin
  • Soothes Sunburns


Facial Cleanser: Rose water can be used as a cleanser on all skin types. After washing your face with a mild face wash, take a few drops of glycerin to 1 tablespoon rose water and apply it on your face.

Facial Toner: Wet a soft cotton ball with chilled rose water and dab it on cleansed skin. Its mild astringent properties will help in tightening the pores and gently tone the skin.

Goodbye Acne: Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon rose water. Apply it on effected skin and let it stay for 30 minutes. Finally, wash your face with fresh water and reap the benefits.

Remover: It is the best makeup remover ever. Add a few drops of coconut oil to rose water on a cotton pad and clean your face. The mixture works wonders to wipe off makeup and nourishes your skin deeply at the same time.

You can directly apply on your skin, hair or can mix with Kishmish Face and Hair Masks as well as cleanser for better results.


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