Skin Lightening Serum with UV Rays Protection

Skin Lightening Serum with UV Rays Protection


Mariam Omer Farooq believes that all women irrespective of their age or ethnicity need smooth, vibrant and glowing skin. There are different types of skin in the world. Therefore, every woman faces different skin challenge and requires proper solution. Her Kishmish Organic Skincare online brand feels privileged to help such women. We claim that our website provides one click solution to every skin and hair related issues. Therefore, we recommend Skin Lightening Serum.

Mariam knows that our Asian women need not only perfect whitening but also wish to have a fine glow on face. Keeping this in mind, she has introduced many good products, glowing cleanser, glowing serum, face glow clay etc. but the one on which she feels proud is Face Lightening Serum. She has a faith that women need three gradual things in their life fine whitening, brightening and then lightening face.

How to Make at Home?

Face Lightening Serum

For some reasons it is not that easy to make serums at home, yet there is a simple method of making lightening serum at home:

Take 1oz of sweet raw almond oil, add 8 drops of sandalwood essential oil, then ad 4 drops of lemon essential oil. Mix all ingredients in a bottle and shake it gently so that all oils may mix well. Use 3 – 5 drops of serum on clean skin.

Kishmish Face Lightening Serum:


Most of the women gain skin whitening by bleaching the skin and it is generally proceeded by the use of chemicals. These chemicals are most of the time quite hazardous and the treatment of the skin not only painful but also expensive. Treatment for Acne, Pimples and Black Heads Most of the companies make face lightening serums but the side effect of the non-organic lightening serums is they fade your complexion from the natural skin tone. Kishmish removes the fear of the dangerous side effects caused during skin whitening. Because our experts use 100% natural ingredients.

These ingredients not only repair damaged skin cells but also nourishes the skin naturally. It provides whitening, brightening and then lightening. Our experts claim that our lightening serum will provide face lightening naturally without any side effect. 

Kishmish suggests that the simplest way to revive dull, lackluster skin is by using a Gloss Face Lightening Serum. It is designed to help even out skin tone, lighten or fade dark spots, gently exfoliate, and often act as antioxidants to prevent future damage. No doubts there are many other benefits of lightening serum yet some of them are as follows.

Essential Benefits:

Face Lightening Serum

• Ultra Lightweight Oil
• Non-sticky & non-greasy
• Brings Face Lightening Naturally
• Moisturizes Your Skin
• Reduces the Sign of Aging
• Helps Soothe and Heal Your Skin
• Maintains Skin pH Balance
• Reduces Redness and Irritating
• Improves Skin Texture
• Lightens Dark Circles under Eyes



Face Lightening Serum

Before Applying Gloss Serum wash your face with soap or face wash then apply Gloss Serum on your face and leave it for the whole night. 

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