Skin Whitening Cream | How to Get Natural Glow in Just 7 Days

Skin Whitening Cream | How to Get Natural Glow in Just 7 Days

Saffron Sandal Vitamin E Cream:

People are well aware of the benefits of saffron and sandal for health but they are not that aware of the skin related benefits of these two natural ingredients. Common people usually do not use saffron for their skin. But throughout the world saffron is known for its beauty benefits. Not only during the ancient time, but even today also, saffron is widely used to boost complexion and acquire flawless skin. It is undoubtedly quite expensive because to get a gram of saffron, a number of flowers are required. Saffron has also been used in herbal medicines, Ayurveda, and other skin related products. Therefore, all the reputed cosmetic companies must add this ingredient in their products. Therefore, we recommend our best skin whitening cream. Anti-Aging Face Mask | Best For Wrinkles and Scars

How to Make at Home?


Take 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder, add 2-3 saffron strands and then add 2 tsp raw milk. Finally add one vitamin E capsule, taken from any reputed pharmacy. Mix all the ingredients well, your saffron sandal cream is ready to use. Apply the paste on your freshly washed face. Spread the pack evenly all over your face. Massage in circular motion and leave it on face for about 20 minutes. Then rinse it off by splashing water over your face. Best Face Wash for Black Heads, Dirt & Impurities

Kishmish Saffron and Sandal Vitamin E Cream:


Kishmish Organic Skincare has introduced one of its best creams called Saffron Sandal & Vitamin E Cream which is mostly used to provide a whitening skin tone and to diminishes pigmentation from your skin. It contains 100% natural ingredients. Mariam Omer Farooq has made this product by keeping the ancient skincare method in mind as in ancient times most of people used sandalwood tree extracts in milk to brighten their skin complexion and almond was also used for the purpose of treating flaky skin issues and making skin lighter. So, by mixing these two ingredients, our Kishmish experts present this splendid product with its great benefits. Order Now!

Essential Benefits:


• Remove Scars
• Provides White Skin Tone.
• Lightens Skin Complexion.
• Remove Skin Pigmentation Issues.
• Nourishes Skin.
• Moisturizes Dry Skin.
• Prevents Aging and Wrinkles
• Reduces Sun Damage
• Soothes Face
• Maintains Skin Complexion
• Provides Fine Skin Texture
• Boosts Collagen in your Skin
• Makes your Skin Soft & Supple
• Skin Whitening
• Treats Flaky Skin
• Minimizes Open Pores
• Makes Skin Healthier
• Moisturizes Dry Parts of Your Face
• Reduces Dark Circles
• Nourishes Skin from Deep Inside



Apply cream on the face and neck. Spray Rose Water on your face and then remove it with tissue paper. It can be used as a primer before applying makeup.

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