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24K Gold Serum / HA Serum / Coco Chino Mask


Bye Bye Acne + HA Serum + Rose Water


Bye Bye Acne and Wild Oats Cleanser


Charcoal Facewash + Charcoal Face Mask + Hyaluronic Serum


Coco Chino Mask + Retinol Serum + Glutaglow ~ Antiaging and Glowing Skin


Deep Pores Cleansing Kit (Copy)


Deo tha Beo (the Best Deodorant)+ Silky Spell (After Showering Gel with Oud White)


Deo tha Beo ~ The Best Deodorant + Silky Spell (Oud Lily) After Showering Gel


Glowing Serum + Rose Hydrating Gel ~ Mini Glowing Kit


Glowing Serum + Strawberry Mask


Glutaglow Serum + Rose & Vitamin E Serum + Miracle Cream


Glutaglow Serum and Whitening Cleanser ~ 2 Step Solution for Pigmentation


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"Pakistan's No.1 & Best Organic skincare Brand" – CEO Mariam Omer Farooq.

Kishmish Daraz

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