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Kishmish Skin Repair Lotion [Kishmish Organic Skin Care]

Kishmish Skin Repair Lotion [Kishmish Organic Skin Care]

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• Reduce Redness

• Reduce Swelling

• Reduce Acne Scars

• Reduce Itching & Irritation

• 150ml

• Keep Refrigerated


Kishmish Organic Skin Repair Lotion

Gloss Skin Repair Face & Body Lotion works within the skin surface to repair its moisture barrier. The Lotion replenishes ceramides to help skin retain moisture and prevent dry, tight skin from returning it also prevents environmental damage to the skin. We highly recommend Kishmish organic skin repair lotion. 

Make greasy, odorless, fast-acting, long-lasting & significant difference on dry, cracked, eczema-prone skin. It helps to relieve dry, itchy skin. Enriched with skin essential nutrients. This fast-absorbing formula is shown to moisturize for 24 hours to help repair & replenish skin.

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