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Wild Oats Mask & Cleanser

Wild Oats Mask & Cleanser

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• Aids in Acne Treatment

• Treats Dry & Itchy Skin

• Treat Chicken Pox

• Make Skin Healthier

• Youthful Appearance

• Reduce Aging Signs

• Reduce Dark Circles

• Provide Nourishment

• Protect Against Sun Damage

• Promotes Skin Elasticity

• Fights Acne • 100 ml



Kishmish Organic Skincare Pakistan-

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Kishmish Oats Mask

Kishmish Wild Oats Mask & Cleanser is made with organic natural and wildcrafted ingredients that are Oats, Almond and Wheat. Wild oats Cleanser is mostly used for skin oil control and skin tightening. Gives excess moisture to your skin to provide you with a youthful look. Rose and lavender cleanser | For acne, scars and dry skin

Top Benefits:

    • It stimulates Collagen.

    • Fight against excess oil in your skin.

    • Make your skin tighten.

    • Repair the skin damage, due to its rich properties of anti-oxidants.

    • Wild Oats Cleanser used to calm Eczema & Psoriasis.

    • It helps to reduce itching & skin inflammation.

    • Due to its anti-oxidants property, it is beneficial for soothing sunburn.

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Note: Use it only for 1-2 minutes.


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