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Acne Fighter Mask

Acne Fighter Mask

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  • Anti Acne Properties
  • Cleans Skin
  • Resistant to Unnecessary Particles
  • Balances Skin Oil
  • Brightens Skin

Kishmish Organic Skincare Pakistan  

Kishmish Acne Fighter Mask

Kishmish Organics Skincare’s Acne & Pimple Fighter Mask is made with Neem, Tea Tree, Lavender oil essential oils. This Mask helps you to get rid of Acne, Pimples, itchiness, etc. Skin Lightening Serum with UV Rays Protection

How does it work?

Neem was used in ancient times as a refreshing agent during the bath, but with time, its healing properties were discovered, and then it is mostly used to cure Acne, Itchiness, and some different sorts of skin problems.

Amazing Facts:

  • Gently use to, cure Acne.
  • It is also beneficial for treating dry itchiness and rashes.
  • It may cure skin disorders like ringworm.
  • It also treats Skin Inflammation.
  • Acne Fighter Mask results in giving a fairer & glowing skin.
  • It is rich in Anti-Bacterial Properties.
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Note: Use it only for 1-2 minutes.


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