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Kishmish Organic Skin Care

Anti Pigmentation Clay + Glutaglow Serum + Love Glow Serum

Anti Pigmentation Clay + Glutaglow Serum + Love Glow Serum

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Anti Pigmentation and Freckles Deal

This deal is particularly designed to provide flawless skin. Today, women are more depressed because of sun tan, discoloration, and in particular pigmentation. Therefore, Mariam Omer Farooq has blended an excellent combination of organic skincare products that is 100% effective. Furthermore, regular use of these Kishmish Organic Skincare products will give an extraordinary skin tone forever.  

Causes of Pigmentation and Freckles? 

Pigmentation occurs due to several reasons for instance: 

- Sun Exposure (Need to use Sunblock)
- Hormonal Imbalance 
- Aging
- Any Skin Injury
- Formula Creams 

Kishmish Treatment for Pigmentation:

-  Make a paste of Gloss Anti Pigmentation Clay (with water or yogurt) and apply it on your face and particularly where pigmentation and freckles are. Then wash after 1 - 2 mins. 
- Apply Gloss Glutaglow Serum on a little wet face. Glutathione present in this serum will enhance the brightness of the skin. 
- Then apply Gloss Love Glow Serum, the high-quality vitamin E will provide brightness and increase the luminosity caused by Gloss Glutaglow Serum. 

Note: Follow this routine twice a day and MUST use SUNBLOCK. 



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