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Coconut Cleansing Milk Face Wash

Coconut Cleansing Milk Face Wash

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• Anti-Bacterial Properties

• Reduce Wrinkles

• Wound Healing Property

• Healthy for your Skin

• Revitalizes Skin

• Soothes Sun Burn

• Treat Open Pores

• Reduce Eye Wrinkles

• Maintain Complexion

• Helps Treat Acne

• Artificial Fragrance-Free

• SLS Free • PPD Free

• Sulfate-Free • Silicones Free

• Parabens Free • Triclosans Free

• Phthalates Free • Petroleum Jelly Free

• 100ml




Kishmish Coconut Cleansing

Kishmish Coconut Face wash, Milk Years ago, I never would have imagined I’d be this excited to talk about how great Coconut Cleansing Milk` is for face cleansing. The idea of putting Coconut Cleansing Milk on my face seemed like crazy talk, and I thought cleaning your face with Coconut Oil and using Coconut Cleansing Milk as a skin moisturizer was for “those” kinds of people. 

And now, I am totally one of them.

The truth is, I use to be a total sucker for step-by-step facial cleansing systems. I figured the more scrubbers, foams, and serums involved—the more beautiful my skin would be.

Despite trying a variety of these special (and expensive!) products, I was never truly happy with my skin. My face was extremely dry. I was having little white bumps that popped up in clusters on my face on a regular basis.

Then, one day—common sense hit me. Why would adding more unnatural compounds to my skin somehow be more beneficial for me?

If it was important to me to eat nourishing foods free of hydrogenated oils, color additives, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients, why would I be putting that kind of stuff on my face?

Did you find Kishmish Coconut Face wash beneficial? Please review us.



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