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Deo tha Beo ~ the Deodorant

Deo tha Beo ~ the Deodorant

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  • Smell Fresh
  • Less Residue
  • Dry Sweat
  • Non-Sticky
  • Use Under Arm


Summers are ahead and people are more concerned about sweating and itching underarms. Deodorant is a substance that is usually used to keep the odor and sweat away from the body. It is quite embarrassing when anybody smells bad and gets stained underarms. Some people not only get irritated by sweating rather they also cause bacterial and fungal infections which are quite painful. Therefore, many companies try to make good deodorant yet they are unable to provide 24 hours as well as a permanent solution for the sweating and bad odor. But the Kishmish Organic Skincare has launched the best organic deodorant.

Kishmish Deo the Beo:

Mariam Omer Farooq has always been amazing to the Kishmish Organic Skincare users with new launches. It is a 100% natural product. There are many benefits of it. Firstly, Deo the Beo is a spray that closes skin pores which causes less sweating. Secondly, it contains some good astringent properties that not only provide relief to the skin but also minimize skin pores. Moreover, it is the most effective for cleaning the skin deeply. Two special ingredients make it different from conventional deodorants, one is witch hazel which calms irritation, and inflammation and minimizes pores. Some essential benefits are as below:

- Smell Fresh
- Less Residue
- Minimize Skin Pores
- Anti-inflammatory
- Antibacterial and Antifungal
- Non-sticky

Ingredients: Witch Hazel extracts, Potash Alum


Clean the skin properly, spray Deo tha Beo underarms, and feel relaxed.


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