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Amazing Hair Oil

Amazing Hair Oil

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  • Prevents Hair Greying
  • Maintain Scalp Health
  • Natural Hair Oil
  • Lice Prevention Treatment
  • Rich in Anti Dandruff Property
  • Tames & Conditions your Hair
  • Increase Hair Shine 
  • Treat Hair Loss
  • Make Hair Long 
  • Get Rid of Split Ends
  • Keeps Hair Healthy 
  • Boost Hair Growth 120 ml


Hair Oil


Kishmish Amazing Hair Oil

Kishmish Amazing Hair oil is made up of Apricot Oil, Almond Oil, Coriander Oil, Walnut Oil, Rapeseed Oil, and Blackseed Oil. Amazing Hair Oil is used for all kinds of Hair Issues, repair damaged hair, repair bald patches, hair loss, slow hair growth, etc. 

Amazing hair oil has coconut as one of its main ingredients and we all are well known about the benefits of coconut regarding hair that why native people around coastal areas have shiny and thick hair due to the availability of coconut. Moreover, those people who are worried due to greying of their hair must use Kishmsih Organic Skincare’s Amazing hair Oil.

So Kishmish Organic Skincare also prepared a hair oil using some essential nutrients.

Top Benefits:

  • Hair oil is also used for Lice Prevention Treatment.
  • Amazing hair oil contains the properties of a natural hair conditioner.
  • It will fasten the growth of your hair.
  • Hair oil also removes split-ended hair.
  • It always keeps your hair healthy.
  • Prevents Greying of hair.
  • It is used for the treatment of Hair Loss.
  • It also enhances your scalp health, and regulate blood flow.
  • Hair oil is used to tame & as a conditioner to your hairs.
  • Hair oil is enriched in anti-dandruff properties.
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