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Magic Glowing Moisturizer

Magic Glowing Moisturizer

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• Best for Acne
• Lightweight Moisturizer

• Non-Sticky & Non-Greasy

• Skin Whitening Cream

• Moisturize your skin

• Reduce the sign of Aging

• Best For Oily Skin

• Improve Skin Texture

• Maintain Skin  • Skin PH Balance

• Reduce Redness and Irritating Skin

• Helps Soothe and Heal your Skin

• Best For Pigmentation • 100 ml

• Keep Refrigerated

Magic Moisturizer -


Kishmish Magic Moisturizer

Top Benefits:

  • Lightweight Moisturizer
  • Non-sticky & Non-greasy
  • Skin Whitening Cream
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Reduce the sign of Aging
  • Helps Soothe and Heal your skin
  • Best For Oil Skin
  • Improve skin texture
  • Maintain skin,s PH balance
  • Reduce redness and irritating skin
  • Best For Acne
  • Best For Pigmentation

Formulated with Nature’s finest Rose petals steam distilled to perfection, and hand-crafted Lavender, together with Organic Aloe Vera, this natural Magic Cream is designed to keep your complexion petal-soft and beautifully dewy all year long. Reduces inflammation and refreshes the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Being rich in antioxidants enables it to protect the skin from oxidative stress and keep it healthy and youthful. Finally, the divine smell of roses is a treat for the senses and the mind. Reduces the appearance of pores. The natural tightening properties help skin look firmer. The high Vitamin C content and astringent properties help clear up the appearance of acne and rejuvenate the skin. Also, it helps make the skin appear brighter and smoother by removing dead skin cells. Organic Aloe Vera – A natural remedy to help with the healing of wounds, cuts, and burns. Being a rich natural source of vitamin C enables it to help with the production of collagen, ensuring that skin cells remain supple, firm, and strong.

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