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Kishmish Open Pores Kit

Kishmish Open Pores Kit

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• Sugar Scrub

• Aqua Face Toner

• Whitening Face Cleanser

• Rose & Vitamin E Serum

• Pore Minimizer Mask

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Kishmish Open Pores Kit

Benefits of Pore Minimiser

Removes Sun Tan

Skin Oil Control

Act as Skin Lightener

Reduces Open Pores

Remove Blackhead

Healthy & Glowing Skin

Treat Stretch Marks

Revitalize Skin

Re-freshens your Skin

Anti-Aging Property

Prevents Razor Burn

Get Rid of Aging, Wrinkles & Fine Lines | Natural Skin Glow Cream

Benefits of Sugar Scrub

Protection Against Toxins

Soften Skin

Clear Skin

Heal Damage Skin

Maintain Skin Elasticity

Make your Skin Glow

Skin Oil Balance

Anti-Aging Properties

Moisturizing Skin

Improved Self Tanning

Benefits of Aqua Face Toner

Intense Moisturizing Action

Exfoliates Dead Cells

Anti-Aging Property

Deep Cleansing Pores

Good for Dry Skin

Treats Swollen Bug Bites

Soothe Skin After Shaving

Heals Burn

Glowing Skin

Treats Skin Inflammation

Reduce Wrinkles

Get Flawless & Clear Skin

Cures Skin Infection & Itching

Benefits of Face Lightening Serum

Lightweight Oil

Non-Sticky & Non-Greasy

Skin Whitening Serum

Moisturize your Skin

Reduce Signs of Aging

Helps Soothe and Heal your skin

Boost Nail Growth

Improve Skin Texture

Balances Skin PH

Reduce Redness & Irritating Skin

Benefits of Whitening Face Cleanser

Make Skin Smooth

Anti-Tanning Agent

Adds Glow to your Skin

Remedy for Sunburns

UV Rays Protection

Reduce Facial Hair

Clears Pigmentation

Skin Cleanser • Glowing Skin

Eczema Relief • Acne Treatment

Reduce Under-Eye Dark Circles

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