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Pore Minimizer Mask

Pore Minimizer Mask

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Kishmish Pore Minimizer Mask

🍅🍅 OPEN PORES causes bad skin elasticity, aging, blackheads, and whiteheads. A deficiency of several vitamins is the cause of open pores which should be treated right in time...

Kishmish Pore Minimizer Mask is made up of mineral masks and TOMATOES extracts. Tomatoes naturally contain Beta Carotene, Vitamins E, and C. This mask CLEANS CLOGGED PORES, and MINIMIZES OPEN PORES. 🍅🍅


• Removes Sun Tan

• Skin Oil Control

• Act as Skin Lightener

• Healthy & Glowing Skin

• Treat Stretch Marks

• Revitalize Skin

• Prevents Razor Burn

• Long-Lasting Skin Freshness

• Reduces Open Pores • Remove Blackhead

• Anti-Aging Property • 50ml

• Keep Refrigerated

Kishmish Pore Minimizer Mask

Kishmish Organic Skincare’s Pore Minimizer mask was also known as Tomato Mask, because of the excess use of tomato and even some quantities of argan and jojoba in the preparation of the Pore Minimizer mask. 

Although tomatoes are the essential ingredient of every kitchen, hardly you will hear that anyone using them as a cosmetic for facial ailments. Tomato Mask is gently used to reduce large pores and to cure acne, and rashes or soothe nasty sunburn. Moreover, tomato mask contains many benefits listed below:

    • Tomato mask minimizes large pores.
    • It is used to soothe sunburn spots.
    • It removes blackheads from open pores.
    • It also helps to fulfill your facial stretch marks.
    • It helps to reduce wrinkles on your face.
    • It also provides you with glowing skin.

Note: Use it only for 1-2 minutes on a little wet face. 

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