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Vitamin A & E Mask

Vitamin A & E Mask

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• Make Skin Glow

• Treat Blemishes & Scars

• Treatments of Skin Ailments

• Removes Sun Tan

• Reduce Skin Itching

• Skin Cancer Prevention

• Prevents Wrinkles

• Skin Oil Control • Act as Skin Lightener

• Reduces Open Pores • Remove Blackhead

• Treats Eczema & Psoriasis • 50ml

• Keep Refrigerated

Kishmish Organic Skincare Pakistan-

Kishmish Organic Products

Kishmish Organic Products

Vitamin A and E Mask Latest Review[/caption]



Kishmish Mask

Kishmish Vitamin A & E mask was also known as Carrot Mask, because of the excess use of carrot and some quantities of tomato and vitamin E also added in the preparation of Vitamin A & E mask. 

Vitamin A & E Mask is much beneficial for skin problems due to abundant amounts of Vitamin A and other anti-oxidants which provides you a nourished skin and also helps to maintain your skin health.

Some of the further benefits of Kishmish Organic Skincare Vitamin A & E are:

    • It helps to cure different skin damage problems.
    • It makes your skin glowing.
    • It is enriched in Anti-Aging properties.
    • It is much beneficial for dry skin as it gives you an energetic look.
    • It also acts as a skin lightener to maintain your skin health.
    • It has Anti-Oxidant properties.
    • It is abundant in Vitamin A which helps to cure different skin problems.

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Note: Use it only for 1-2 minutes.


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