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Vitamin C Mask

Vitamin C Mask

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• Skin Protector

• Youthful Appearance

• Treat Eczema

• Improves Dull & Dry Skin

• Glowing Property

• Anti-aging Properties

• Reduce Age Spot

• Battle Oily Skin Breakouts

• Scrub off Dry Skin

• Protects from harmful UV Rays of Sun

• Keep Refrigerated • 50 Grams

Kishmish Organic Skincare Pakistan-

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Kishmish Vitamin C Mask

Kishmish Vitamin C Mask The need to include fresh plant food to enhance the beauty of your face is from ancient times. Native people living in marginal areas incorporated these plant food into their medicinal lore. So they used orange & lemon which are a great source of vitamin C to improve their face complexion, to rejuvenate their skin. Best Face Wash for Pimples, Black Heads, Dirt Impurities and UV Rays

So, keeping in view the skin problems of the modern Era, We introduce Vitamin C Facial Mask, which is made with Orange + Lemon + Grapefruit. And the benefits of Our Facial Mask were:

    • It is used to detoxify your skin.
    • All the ingredients are rich in Vitamin C, helps to improve your skin health.
    • It will give a glow to your skin.
    • It enhances the complexion of your skin.
    • It also performs skin-repairing property.
    • Vitamin C mask also used to remove excess oil from your face pores.
    • It gives you an energetic appearance.
    • Vitamin C used to remove skin discoloration.

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Note: Use it only for 1-2 minutes.


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