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Lemon Squeezy + Love Glow ~ Daily Skin Whitening Deal

Lemon Squeezy + Love Glow ~ Daily Skin Whitening Deal

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Lemon Squeezy Face Wash & Love Glow Serum  

Kishmish WANTS you to give a WORTH TRY of Rs. 1699/- WITH DELIVERY to this DEAL.

It is because KISHMISH knows the NEED of EVERY SKIN!!! 


Mariam Omer Farooq passionately tries to produce 100% organic skincare products with optimal benefits, like in the case of this deal, the price range is quite economical (just 999Rs). Lemon face wash helps in exfoliating skin dirt, pigments or makeup pigments, and other unnecessary particles in the skin. Right way the application of this lemon face wash enhances skin brightness, lightens skin from the inside and provides glowing skin. Similarly, Love Glow Serum acts as the POWERFUL DOSE for the skin as it gives proper nourishment to the skin. It fades pigmentation, dark spots, and dark circles, and combats dullness. The high quality of Vitamin E is blended in a way that fades wrinkles, fine lines, and laugh lines and also provides glowing skin.   

How to Use: 

- Clean your face with Lemon Squeezy, particularly the darker areas around the chin and upper lips because this face wash behaves like the best exfoliator that ensures glowing skin.

- LOVE GLOW Serum replaces "FORMULA CREAM" and provides the MAX SKIN BRIGHTNESS, FADES AGING SPOTS, and KEEPS the Skin Fresh and Healthy.    


This Deal is particularly designed to give 100% Organic Skincare Products to EVERY LADY, looking for BRIGHTENING & FLAWLESS SKIN. Some of the benefits of this deal are as below: 

- Provides glowing skin

- Lemon Face Wash deeply cleans the face and gives brightening skin

- It removes dirt, pigments, and other environmental Influences 

- Love Glow intrudes the thick tissue barrier of the skin and enhances the COLLAGEN in the skin and provides brightening skin. 

- Lemon extracts in Love Glow Serum work as the bleaching agent for the skin.   

- Rose extracts in Love Glow Serum keep the skin well hydrated and plump. 

- Alpha-Tocopherol is the high-quality form of vitamin E that enhances skin health because it removes dead skin and rejuvenates the skin from the inside out.  

Note: Use sunblock in case of sun exposure. So that you may acquire the best possible glowing skin.


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