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Kishmish Bridal Kits

Kishmish Bridal Kits

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• Vitamin C Mask

• Amazing Hair Oil

• Glowing Mask & Cleanser

• Love Beets Beetroot Lip Balm

• Hand & Foot Butter • Miracle Cream

• Rose & Vitamin E Serum

• Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

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Kishmish Bridal Kits

Kishmish Bridal Kits which consist Amazing organic products. Additionally, you will get this amazing kit on heavy discounted price.


Benefits of Miracle Cream

UV Rays Protection

Eczema Relief

Lighten Skin Tone

Reduce Dark Spots

Protection From Sun Rays

Enhances Skin Hydration

Stretch Marks Eliminator

Nourish your Skin

Gives you a Flawless & Clear Appearance

Fighting Wrinkles

Moisturize Skin

Skin Whitening

Total Skin Care

Rich in Anti-Aging Property

Formulated for All Skin Types

Benefits of Love Beets Beetroot Lip Balm

Lip Healer

Make your Lips Attractive

Moisturize Dry Lips

Fight Dryness & dehydration

Glowing Lips

Prevents Lips infections

Cures Cracked Lips

Lips Stretch Marks Eliminator

Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Bacterial Property

Protection of Lips from harmful UV Rays

Benefits of Rose & Vitamin E Face Serum

Treat Sunburn

Skin detox free

Glowing skin

Moisturize your skin

Reduce the sign of Aging

Boost nail growth

Helps Soothe and Heal your skin

Improve skin texture

Lesser spots (Scars, pimples, and other marks)

Maintain skin, PH balance

Reduce redness and irritating skin

Anti-Anxiety, Heals mild to moderate dandruff

Soothe muscle aches and pains


For Soothing Irritated sin

Excess Oil

Sun Protection

Fights Cellulite

Stretch mark and Keratosis pilaris

Cleanser and hydrating skin

Remove Blackhead

Benefits of Glowing Cleanser

Nourish Your Skin

For All Skin Types

Open Pores Tightener

Skin Lightening

Exfoliates Dead Cells

Anti-Aging Property

Deep Cleansing Pores

Offers Radiant Skin

Treats Dull Skin

Improve Skin Texture

Luminous Complexion

Benefits of Hand & Foot Care Butter

Prevents Skin infections

Enhances Skin Hydration

Stretch Marks Eliminator

Rich in Anti-Oxidant Property

Anti-Inflammatory Property

Skin Moisturizer

Anti-Aging Property

Relieves Windburn & sunburn

Prevents Cellulite

Prevents Diaper Rash

Benefits of Amazing Hair Oil

Amazing hair oil is enriched with coconut oil which is one of its main ingredient. We all know about amazing benefits of Coconut Oil. Moreover,  people who are worry due to greying of their hair must use Kishmish Organics Amazing hair Oil.

Lice Prevention Treatment

Natural Hair Conditioner

Make Hair Long

Get Rid of Split Ends

Keeps hair Healthy

Boost Hair Growth

Prevents Hair Greying

Maintain Scalp Health

Tames & Conditions your Hair

Increase Hair Shine

Treat Hair Loss

Eye Lashes Growth

Rich in Anti Dandruff Property

Benefits of Vitamin C Mask

Kishmish Organic Skincare introduces Vitamin C Facial Mask, which is made with Orange + Lemon + Grapefruit. Additionally, the benefits of Kishmish Organic Skincare’s Vitamin C Facial Mask are:

Skin Protector

Youthful Appearance

Treat Eczema

Improves Dull & Dry Skin

Glowing Property

Anti-Aging Properties

Reduce Age Spot

Refreshing Scent

Battle Oily Skin Breakouts

Scrub off Dry Skin

Protects from harmful UV Rays of Sun

Benefits Of Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Kishmish Organics brings premium Anti Hair Fall Shampoo, particularly formulated to control hair loss. Moreover, it is infused with several beneficial bioactive ingredients. Thus, it will provide you with a truly healthy hair care routine. Did you find Kishmish Bridak Kit beneficial? Please review us.


Naturally Low Foaming [SLS FREE]
Repair Damaged Hair Follicles
Clear Scalp Of Flakes & Dandruff

Encourages Healthy Hair Growth

Reduces Hair Fall

Promotes Thick, Long Hair Growth


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