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Nurturing Rose Hair Conditioning Mask

Nurturing Rose Hair Conditioning Mask

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• Enhances The Vibrancy & Shine Of Dry Hair

• Gently Cleanses Your Hair & Scalp

• Helps To minimise Split Ends

• 250ml

Nurturing Rose Hair Conditioning Mask

Kishmish Organic brings natural and chemical-free Nurturing Rose Hair Conditioning Mask for your hair. It is infused with beneficial carrier oils, which will make your hair moisturize, soft, shiny, and bouncy.

Using this Mask is a natural way to promote hair growth. Additionally, It helps in the supply of essential nutrients for those with hair loss & thinner hair. Also, it will boost hair growth by increasing the circulation of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the scalp.

Amazing Facts

An intensive, conditioning treatment to restore vitality, luster, and softness to the hair while soothing dry and flaky scalps.

Moreover, it will reduce hair loss, prevents dandruff, and promotes a healthy scalp. In result, it encourages faster hair growth.

Moisturizes hair and leaves them soft, shiny & bouncy.

Strengthens hair shaft and adds volume to your hair.

Thus, tames frizz fly-away greatly reduces split ends, and hair breakage & makes detangling really easy.


Note: Maintain hair’s optimum health with sulfate free, deeply nourishing Nurturing Rose Shampoo to hydrate and soothe the scalp.

⏰Timeless Tip:

Skip the daily shampooing

This is a particularly good method if you’re wondering how to moisturize natural hair. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you’ll know moisture is the key to good definition. So, why not take a day or two of shampooing to give your scalp a chance to replenish its natural oils. There’s no need to be worried about greasy hair when taking a break from shampoo, simply refresh your locks with a spritz of our Organic Aloe Vera Gel.

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